This Newborn Comforting His Twin Brother Is So Touching, It Saves His Life

7. The Newborn Baby Was Transferred To A Different Hospital

Cooper’s worsening condition led doctors to have him transferred to a hospital 30 miles away. He would be kept at Glasgow’s Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. Kerrie and Owen were so scared for their newborn son, but they had to stay strong. The next slide proves that they had a lot more to overcome than they thought!

6. Cooper’s Twin Was Experiencing Problems Of His Own

While Cooper was kept in intensive care and closely monitored, his brother Lucas began to show signs of illness. He was losing too much weight. Although it is normal for a newborn baby to lose weight and regain in the first couple of weeks, Lucas was losing a concerning amount. Slide #4 reveals that sharing a loving bond is a big step to recovery!

5. Kerrie Discovered The Source Of Lucas’s Problem

The new mom was focusing on pumping enough breast milk for her son Cooper, and Lucas was not getting enough nutrients as he needed. Once Lucas was cleared to leave the hospital, she wanted to bring him to visit his brother Cooper 30 miles away. It was important for them to bond, and once they were reunited their love for each other was evident!

4. The Two Boys Immediately Got Close

Lucas grabbed Cooper’s hand and comforted his brother. It was such a beautiful sign of strength that his parents and doctors were extremely moved. Cooper needed all the support he could get, and his brother was ready to be right there by his side. You won’t believe how close these two are in slide #1!

3. Cooper Was Diagnosed With Cerebral Palsy

Cooper would need shunts to drain the fluid in his brain. He was released from the hospital five weeks later, and he had to be fitted for another shunt at 10 months old. The little boy made a full recovery, and the bond with his twin brother continued to grow stronger.