This Newborn Comforting His Twin Brother Is So Touching, It Saves His Life

Having a baby is an amazing experience, and being blessed with twins makes it even more magical. Raising twins means more work. Double the diaper changing, double the laundry, and double the crying and fussing instead of going to sleep. It can very difficult for new parents to handle, and Kerrie and Owen Keen know this all too well. These new parents had an even bigger problem that all parents wish they never face, and one of their twin boys was suffering from severe medical problems. It wasn’t until they placed his twin brother in the incubator that they realized the incredible bond between the two boys and slide #4 is almost too heartwarming to bear!

12. This Loving Couple Couldn’t Wait To Start A Family

Kerrie and Owen Keen of Scotland were excited to spend the rest of their lives together. Having children was something both of them wanted to do, and in 2013 Kerrie found out that she was pregnant. The couple was even more excited to be expecting two bundles of joy instead of one. They couldn’t wait for the arrival of their baby boys.