New Swimsuit Brand Makes Waves By Refusing To Photoshop Their Models

Most swimwear brands edit out any perceived imperfections on the bodies of their models. When they appear on the covers of magazines and in glossy ads, every inch of their bodies is edited to reflect cultural beauty standards.

There’s one swimwear brand bucking that trend, though. Meet Rheya Swim, founded by 21-year-old designer Chloe Madison.

8. What Is Rheya Swim?


Rheya Swim was created to be a swimwear line that accentuates women’s lines and curves while staying minimalistic in design. Instead of hiring models for their initial photo shoots, Chloe Madison and her best friend modeled the bathing suits.

Initially, Chloe asked to have the photographs retouched, but when they came back from the editor, she realized her mistake…