Mystery Of Missing North Carolina Teen Cold For 15 Years, Until …

In January 2000, a North Carolina teenager named Zebb Quinn received a phone call. He panicked and then, seemingly without a trace, he disappeared. Several people of interest were immediately named in his case, but despite an incredibly careful investigation by local authorities, no one ever confessed to the crime. Still, in the summer of 2015, something happened that threw a major wrench into everything that police had once believed about Quinn’s disappearance.

Curious about what happened to Zebb? Keep reading to find out! And just wait until you see slide 2… you’ll never believe what really went down!

#12 Zebb Quinn


Zebb Quinn was just a normal, good guy. He had recently graduated from high school in the Asheville, North Carolina, area, and was working at a local Walmart to pay his way through college. He had even saved up enough money to purchase his first care. For Zebb, things were looking up!