Most Hilarious Kiss Cam Moments of All Time, or Are They ?

Kiss cams are one of the best additions to sporting events. You get the sweet ones that everyone enjoys, and then you get gems like the ones we have posted for your viewing pleasure below.

We’ve tried to find the best of the best and order them accordingly. (We put our favorite last!)

Get a good laugh out of these hilarious kiss cam moments!

20. Like a cobra, she strikes!
Do not sneak attack.

Source: Reddit

He looks so satisfied with himself as he sits back but she’s winding up for the swing before he even finishes the kiss.

19. Act the jerk and someone else might steal your woman.
At the bulls game.

Source: Huffington Post

I hope that phone call was worth the fight their going to have later…at least someone had the decency to sweep her off her feet, literally.

18. You know what happens when you assume…
What a prankster.

Source: Reddit

#AttractiveSisterProblems. This must happens so often that he has to have a sign prepped and ready to go. At least he’s a good sport about it.

17. The kiss cam ALWAYS gets its way.
It’s going to come from somewhere.

Source: Reddit

Even when you’re a celebrity you’re not exempt from the power of the kiss cam. Someone its going to get some kisses.

16. Act fast or you might miss your chance!
You snooze, you lose.

Source: Gifbay

Someone was on the ball that day, and it’s not the guy in the yellow shirt. Though he seems pretty excited now.

15. He’ll want a kiss regardless of how gross you try to be.
She makes a valiant effort.

Source: Giphy

The kiss cam, nor this guy, care what kind of gross faces you try to make, someone is getting kissed at this game.

14. Careful, or you might get someone in trouble.
She going to kiss someone and she doesn’t care who it is.

Source: Klonblog

He pushes he away with such force! When it doubt lady, turn to your right. Just make sure they don’t have a significant other sitting next them…

13. Watch where you’re putting your hands…
His face right before the beer gets dumped, priceless.

Source: Reddit

Poor guy just wanted to watch the game. Not only does he get a beer dumped on him, the guy in the blue shirt also lovingly caresses his head in the process.

12. It’s best to have options…and to share the love.
You get a kiss! And you get a kiss!

Source: Reddit

The kiss cam doesn’t discriminate, you kiss whoever it pairs you with. And when the kiss cam can’t decide you just kiss everyone and share the limelight.

11. Don’t deny the kiss cam, or the girl.
Bye, Felicia.

Source: Reddit

Here’s a lesson, don’t deny the kiss cam, or your significant other, or everyone else will celebrate your misfortune.

10. Make the family join in!
Family is the most important.

Source: Unmotivating

Unfortunately, going into “fish-mode” and trying to wriggle your way out of this one isn’t going to work, kid. You’re stuck with this family hug weather you want it or not.

9. There’s a lot of love amoung teammates.
He doesn’t even see it coming.

Source: Huffington Post

Bashful and shy will get you nowhere with the kiss cam. There will always be someone around willing to make a spectacle of themselves.

8. Even the president can’t deny the kiss cam.
How sweet.

Source: Youtube

The people ask for it and he’s more than happy to oblige them. You have to love how excited his daughter is that they are on the cam.

7. The surprise exchange!
Nobody saw this one coming.

Source: Unmotivating

At least she is decisive and knows what she wants. He looks so flabbergasted that she would deny him and kiss too.

6. You might lose an eye if you’re not careful.
She wants none of that.

Source: Reddit

He even tries to explain and she still gives him a smack for it. Though, the guy in front of them has the best facial expression as he watches.