The 25 Most Beautiful and Ambitious Body Art Projects

We absolutely love the idea of body art, especially when it’s executed with grace and beauty and most of all, a sense of surprise. It’s one thing to paint on a set of fake clothing; it’s another thing entirely to turn the human body into an unrecognizable work of art.

We’ve selected some of the most wildly ambitious examples of body art found on the web and shared them with you here. These projects represent the pinnacle of creativity when it comes to deconstructing the human form and doing something entirely new with it.

We’ve ordered the body art in a countdown, so be sure to get to the end to see the best of the best! If you’re ready to have your mind blown, read on.


25. Body Cello


While not the most realistic interpretation of a cello (they stand on the ground on an endpin), we love the audacious and sexy positioning here. Even the model’s hair is worked into the project, with hair pins looking like tuning knobs.


24. Red Brick Camouflage



This project is deceptively simple, purposely designed to blend in. The varied shades of brick are perfectly lined up with the underlying wall, giving us the impression of a futuristic optical camouflage from a Metal Gear Solid game!

23. Fishy Kiss


This one was simply way too adorable to ignore. It may not be the most ambitious body paint that we’ve come across, but it’s heartfelt and sweet in a way that most don’t even attempt. The blending of fish lips with actual lips is a subtle revelation.

22. Sagittarius Is Back


This gorgeous full-body work places a classically styled representation of Sagittarius on a woman’s back, including a deep purple night sky with twinkling stars, and a giant bow that stretches across her shoulders.

21. Yin Yang Koi


This one might take a second to recognize, because it involves the interaction between the body and the background. Resting against a pillow of white, which a black koi fish, the woman is painted black, sporting a white fish herself, for that perfect yin yang symmetry.

20. King Tut’s Domain

Craig Tracy - American Body Art Illusions painter - Tutt'Art@ (14)

The most impressive aspect of this project is the intricate way that all of the pieces come together in this and only this pose. With her knees crossed and arms interlocked, the woman displays a wall of hieroglyphics below a landscape of pyramids beneath the stars, with her own face donning the visage of the famous gold Tut bust.