Moses The Otter Lost His Entire Family, But His New One Includes A Lion

It’s extremely tragic when baby wild animals are left orphaned in the wild. For the most part, animals need their mothers to teach them how to hunt for food and survive run-ins with predators. In the case of otters, they get their food from the water and need to learn how to swim in order to survive.

Such is the case of Moses. The baby otter was left alone after he was only a few weeks old. With little hope of survival without a family, Moses was discovered and sent to a park for basic care. What happened next would surprise anyone!

10. Moses Is Born

Moses the otter was born into a happy life with his cute otter family. The social creatures are known for their unbreakable bonds and close family ties. Even while otters are asleep, they tend to grasp paws so they do not float away from each other while they are in a deep slumber.