Mommy Zebra Gets Revenge On Baby’s Attacker

Zebras are very social. Unlike other animals, they stay with their families for life. Small family groups assign themselves a herd and that herd travels together until death.

Foals remain close to their mothers who are constantly on the lookout for predators. In a herd, when one zebra is attacked, the others circle around it to scare off the predator. Rarely does a zebra attack another zebra in its herd, that’s why this herd’s defenses were down when one of its own babies became prey.

A male zebra attempts to leave the foal lifeless. What its mum does, is more than an act of nature.

It’s epic.

See for yourself!

There’s Something Not Quite Right


Back in February, sight-seers were able to capture quite an extraordinary event at Etosha National Park in the Namibia Desert of Africa. Footage was taken by Daniel Tjärnén, a railroad worker on vacation to Namibia. “We were hoping for a once in a lifetime sighting,” he said. Boy, did they get it!