Mom Creates The Ultimate DIY Tiny House. See How Much Room Is Actually Inside!

With a hit show on HGTV, tiny houses have become all the rage. Whether you find them incredibly interesting or perplexing, one thing is for sure, they are pretty cool.

Ana White, a mom of two from Alaska, teamed up with her husband to create the ultimate tiny cabin for a client equipped with everything a person would need and more. Every aspect of the home serves multiple purposes and comes complete with an open floor plan and even space for guests to spend the night.

Ana wasn’t always a builder, but after a random opportunity and some instruction by her husband, she is now building incredible spaces she says anyone can do.

Overcoming Fears

The first time Ana picked up a saw was solely for the purpose of helping her husband Jacob as he built their family home. She described the experience as “the scariest thing I’d ever done,” however her fears were quickly put aside and a new favorite hobby was born.