Miracle Baby Stuns Doctors After Mother Has Supernatural Premonitions

Sometimes things happen in life that are simply extraordinary. These events can be so extraordinary that they almost cannot be explained at all. The only way to explain what is happening in times like these is to look to a higher power. God, The Universe, Karma, Fate, whatever you call it, something supernatural takes place and turns things around in a way that only the higher powers can. Perhaps you’ve experienced this.

Chances are you’ve never heard this incredible story. Things went from bad to worse for this new mother, but she continued to believe the best and fight for her new baby. Soon, she experienced a miracle that is without explanation.



12. A New Life

Joi Rawitch was your typical expectant mother: nervous, excited, and anxiously preparing for her baby’s arrival. She had a regular pregnancy, nothing strange happened and she never got any negative feedback from her obstetrician. She, however, always had a strange feeling. It was something that she couldn’t shake and it continued to haunt her until she gave birth.