How Do Men And Women Really Feel About Period Sex? I Mean, REALLY?

Menstruation is a perfectly normal part of life. So is sex. Having sex while a woman is on her period is a hotly contested topic online. Most people feel that it is disgusting while others believe it’s perfectly normal, and by the way, grow up, loser.

Everyone’s got an opinion, so let’s dive a bit deeper into how people really feel about Aunt Flo sex!

10. It’s A Normal Part Of Life

First and foremost, having sex during a period is perfectly normal. Many women find it infuriating and believe speaking out against it only reinforces the stereotype that periods are vile and disgusting with all of the blood. But is there really that much blood? Find out for sure on #9.

9. The Amount Of Blood

Is period blood going to get everywhere? Not likely. The average amount of blood released during menstruation is around 30 to 40ml, but that’s over the course of a few days. Imagine a ten-minute sexual encounter; there’s really not that much blood that is going to get anywhere at all.

8. Men Are A Lot More Disgusting

Since it is only blood, let’s imagine a guy finishing all over the place when he is done with sex. On the sheets, inside of his partner, or all over his partner, semen is more disgusting than blood when you really get down to it. Let’s go over the potential benefits in #7.

7. The Benefits Of Sex During A Period

As everyone knows, periods aren’t the most comfortable instances a body can experience. Having sex has been known to alleviate a lot of pain, especially during an orgasm. So the next time your wife or girlfriend wants to do the deed on her period, do her a favor for cramp’s sake.

6. Sex Affects The Length Of Her Period

Having period sex not only relieves pain, but it can also alleviate the amount of time the period lasts. The orgasm can cause the lining and blood to release a little quicker meaning the period could be over a few days sooner than normal. Discover the benefits for men next in #5.