Meet The Viral Model That Is Neither Man Nor Woman

Society puts a lot of pressure on people to fit a certain mold. You are expected to look, act, and feel a certain way to fit in. It is easy to be bombarded with makeup, clothing, and fitness trends by scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, and this need to fit in is especially strong in the world of modeling and high fashion.

The high fashion industry may be tough to break into, but one model named Rain Dove isn’t taking no for an answer. She has recently gone insanely viral, and she is dead set on breaking down all of the gender stereotypes in her path. Slide #6 will have her transforming before your very eyes!

10. Competition Is More Than Fierce In The Modeling Industry


Walking the runway is not for the faint of heart. Your strut down the catwalk can make or break you. Modeling agencies are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest look. One androgynous model will have you doing a double-take, and her story is even more mesmerizing than her appearance!

9. One Model Isn’t Willing To Pick A Side — And It’s Jaw-Dropping

Model Rain Dove has been turning a lot of heads lately, and for all of the right reasons. You may recall seeing Rain work New York Fashion week in women and menswear, and that is just the beginning. This six-foot model doesn’t feel the need to identify as either gender, and it’s magnificent. You won’t believe her look in slide #2!

8. Her Entire Childhood Was Based On A Lie

Rain spent her entire childhood believing she was popular. It wasn’t until high school that she learned her nickname “Tranny Danny” didn’t mean she was a train conductor. Her sense of self-confidence was built on one big misunderstanding, but that didn’t stop her from staying true to herself — despite the critics.

7. She Has Never Felt The Fragile Sense Of Femininity

Rain describes being confused by her cruel nickname. She never felt “masculine,” but she didn’t fit the mold of a typical lady. “There are sorority girls and then there are girls that are in action movies like Sigourney Weaver. I just thought I was an action kind of woman,” Rain stated. Her life has been filled with plenty of adventures, and slide #3 shows she isn’t stopping anytime soon!

6. Being Gender-Fluid Comes With Some Serious Perks

Living in the middle of nowhere in Colorado can be tough, especially for a woman trying to get a job as a firefighter. After Rain realized she was seen as a man, she ran with it full force. She even lived under a pseudonym and no one ever questioned whether or not she was a man. It earned her respect in a male-dominated profession, and she realized her obscurity was a true gift.