Meet The Transgender Man Expecting His First Biological Child

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow from Portland, Oregon, are expecting their first biological child together. The two fathers are parents to two children whom they adopted, but always longed to have a child biologically. Now, Reese, who was born a woman, has conceived. Read on to learn more about this couple’s inspiring journey.

10. Chaplow Suffered A Miscarriage Last Year


Reese got pregnant in 2016, but suffered a miscarriage at six weeks. The devastating loss was heartbreaking for the couple, who vowed to wait one year before trying to conceive again. However, restarting testosterone and then going off of the hormone to conceive could cause complications, so the couple decided to try again right away.

9. Their Second Pregnancy Took A Bit Longer Than The First


As you can probably imagine, nerves were running high during the time Reese and Chaplow were trying to get pregnant. This time, they didn’t conceive right away, so it was a bit stressful and definitely very emotional for the pair. However, one morning, everything sort of fell into place.

8. A Bout Of Morning Sickness Was A Good Sign


About six months into trying, Reese fell ill with a bout of morning sickness. This caused him to take a pregnancy test and he and Chaplow were simply over the moon to learn that they had conceived. Although the two men were so happy to hear of their pregnancy, they were very cautious — #8 is something many parents know all too much about.

7. Reese Took Multiple Pregnancy Tests


Reese didn’t want to take any chances when it came to this pregnancy. He took multiple pregnancy test and became “obsessive” about his unborn baby. He would frequently weigh himself and monitor every little thing until he made it past that six week mark. Read on to find out about the couple’s six-week ultrasound.

6. Reese Was Hoping His Pregnancy Wouldn’t Be Judged By Others, But Was Prepared


“I can feel someone looking at my face and searching for the remnants of womanhood. They kind of squint their eyes a little bit and I can tell they’re trying to take away my beard, they’re trying to de-transition me in their heads,” Reese said after conceiving.