Meet King Thor, An Internet Sensation Who Rules His Domain With An Iron Paw

There aren’t too many pets around who look as stunning as Thor, the Bengal cat who looks just like a tiny tiger. But, don’t tell Thor that he’s tiny! As you are about to discover, Thor is the true leader of the household and his humans are only there to serve his will.


Honestly, there aren’t many animals around that are as cute as Thor. After flipping through these pictures you might be tempted to find a Bengal cat of your own to show off on the internet.

Keep clicking through, but definitely let us know whether you agree with us that #8 is hands-down one of the best cat pictures on the internet!

10. Those Eyes Pierce The Soul

One day Thor’s lucky owner, Rani Cucicov, was shocked to see a picture of the Bengal cat on the front page of reddit. She took the picture without any thoughts of it ever going viral. But anyone who gets the internet understands why such a majestic looking cat would draw the interest of millions.

9. The Non-Photoshopped Bengal Cat

Rani was also dumbfounded over how many people were dismissive over the original picture. Many argued that the picture was either photoshopped, a fancy 3D render or altered in another way. Rani put down those rumors swiftly and decided to share more pictures of Thor to put all doubt to rest.

8. Thor The Adorable

Rani has nothing but positive comments to make about Thor. According to Rani, Thor is a complete sweetheart who enjoys being waited on hand and foot. Rani says that she has begun to feel like she is a servant to Thor.

Well…she did name him Thor…what was she expecting, a passive kitty?

7. Serve Me, Human

Rani has gone as far as to say, “Whenever he opens his mouth, we are ready to serve him, but I gotta admit that we get lots of love in place for it.”

Isn’t Thor merciful? Giving the humans love in exchange for their lifelong servitude. All hail King Thor!