Meet The Father And Daughter That Used To Be Mother And Son

9. The Arrival Of Corey

Eric Maison

Erica’s efforts to live a female life included the birth of five children — but even those experiences couldn’t make living as a woman tolerable for her. Instead, Erica hated everything about her body while pregnant, with the presence of her children being the only positive thing from the experience.

“Once I hit womanhood I started trying to play the part and dress as female as I could to see if that would help me feel better about myself,” Erica said. “But it never worked, I just felt like I was dressing up.”

Erica’s pregnancy photos are a giveaway, revealing none of the joy an expecting mother usually displays. But the birth of Erica’s only son Corey would mark the beginning of changes for the better for the Maison family.

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