Meet The Father And Daughter That Used To Be Mother And Son

5. Corey’s Bravery Inspires Eric

Corey Maison

While Corey’s school proved very accepting of her change from male to female, her new life was anything but easy. She found herself bullied, spit on, and called several unflattering names among her peers, making an already challenging experience even harder. Through it all though, she continued to blossom as the girl becoming the woman she had always dreamed of being. The person she had the biggest impact on was her own mother, who decided it was finally time to be brave himself.

“‘I just saw this brave child facing the world, and I finally said to myself, ‘If she can do this, so can I,'” Eric said.

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4. Eric Confides In His Husband

Eric Maison

For Eric, the hardest part of the experience was telling the man he had raised a family with that the woman that he had fallen in love with was now gone. Just like Corey had been afraid of not being accepted, Eric feared that his husband would not accept the Maison’s new reality, especially considering that Les would now be a heterosexual man married to another man.

Les’ reaction could not have been further from Eric’s fears. When the couple watched a movie featuring a transgendered character who dies at the end, Eric revealed his true self, and his husband stood by him.

“(Les) said, ‘I love you,’ and ‘Whatever we have to do to make this work, we will.” From that moment, Eric felt he was finally free.

3. Eric Becomes Himself

Eric Maison

Soon after, Eric began taking testosterone and finally removed the long hair that he had hated for so many years and only wore in his attempt to be the female he thought he was required to be. Just like his daughter was when she discovered her estrogen therapy treatments, Eric was overcome by emotion when he finally had the mastectomy he had wanted so many years ago, weeping when he saw himself with his new body.

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2. Corey Becomes A Voice For Transgendered Teens

Corey Maison

While her mother was in the process of becoming a man, Corey was using her social media channel to help other children in her situation embrace themselves as they are. Since her transition began, she has posted several photos on her Instagram account to show off her new self with the hashtag #ThisIsWhatTransLooksLike — and the multitude of pictures would make it impossible to guess that she had ever been anything but a girl.

1. The Maison Family Today

Corey Maison

For the Maison family, little has changed besides Eric and Corey’s bodies. Even though he identifies as a man now, Eric’s children all still call him “mom,” and his marriage to Les remains as strong as it ever was.

“I fell in love with the person. She was beautiful as a woman, but equally beautiful on the inside,” Les Maison said. “As long as Eric is happy with the appearance, Eric will be happy with what’s in her brain – or his brain.”

Becoming father and daughter — and the experience of transitioning together — has made Eric and Corey even closer. Corey plans to complete her transition at the age of 18 and undergo full sexual reassignment surgery, and both she and her father are enjoying their lives much more.

“We’re just happier overall,” Eric says. “Holding a secret breaks us up and puts up obstacles. We’re better people and have better relationships with our family members.

“The only regret I have is not being educated sooner about what transgenderism was, so I could do it sooner. But that’s OK, because I have five beautiful children, I have an amazing husband.”