Meet The Father And Daughter That Used To Be Mother And Son

For a transgendered person, coming out ato their friends and family can be one of the most difficult experiences of their lives. For Eric Maison of Detroit and their daughter Corey, however, that worry was only one part of the story, because both had to go through the experience of revealing the truth to those they loved.

This is the story of a father and a daughter who began their experience as a mother and a son before discovering that both had the same feelings.

10. The Maison’s Story Begins

Eric Maison

While growing up, Erica Maison remembered wishing to get breast cancer, simply because she wanted to have a legitimate medical reason to remove the breasts that she never wanted in the first place. While growing up, she had always felt she had more in common with men, but growing up in an era where transgendered individuals were rarely seen positively meant she had no idea that she could be a man. Instead, she tried to be as female as she could — knowing she wasn’t happy with her life.

9. The Arrival Of Corey

Eric Maison

Erica’s efforts to live a female life included the birth of five children — but even those experiences couldn’t make living as a woman tolerable for her. Instead, Erica hated everything about her body while pregnant, with the presence of her children being the only positive thing from the experience.

“Once I hit womanhood I started trying to play the part and dress as female as I could to see if that would help me feel better about myself,” Erica said. “But it never worked, I just felt like I was dressing up.”

Erica’s pregnancy photos are a giveaway, revealing none of the joy an expecting mother usually displays. But the birth of Erica’s only son Corey would mark the beginning of changes for the better for the Maison family.

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8. Corey Makes A Discovery

Steven Pisano

Corey, the Maison’s only son, had never felt comfortable being a male. As a child, Corey had always felt that he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and those feelings were finally brought to the surface in 2012 when he and Erica watched a documentary about Jazz Jennings, a transgendered female who was born male. At that moment, Corey felt like the truth had come to the surface and that he was the same way.

He didn’t know it at the time, but Erica felt the same way as her son, in reverse. But while Corey would waste no time revealing who she truly was, Erica would keep her secret until 2015.

7. Corey’s History And Erica’s Sacrifice

Eric Maison

Despite Erica’s feelings that being a man was finally possible, she kept her secret for one reason: a desire to do what was best for Corey. Throughout his past as a boy, Corey had been depressed about being stuck in the wrong gender and admitted thoughts of suicide before discovering who she really was. The last thing Erica wanted was for her son to continue to struggle, so even though she badly wanted to leave Erica behind for good, she held onto her secret to make Corey’s transition to female as seamless as possible.

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6. Corey’s Greatest Gift

Eric Maison

In 2014, the family gave their only son the thing Corey had always wanted: the chance to go from son to daughter. Erica and her husband Les hid Corey’s prescription for estrogen treatments that would make Corey the girl that she had always wanted to be in the couch, and their newest daughter began crying tears of joy when she saw that she was finally free to be on the outside what she had always been on the inside.

“It was the happiest day of my life. I could go out in public and no one knew I was transgender,” she said.

For Erica, that happiness of freeing the person he was inside wouldn’t wait much longer.