Meet The Couple That Gets Paid For Hot Instagram Pics On Vacation

While your Instagram is full of photos of your cat and that fancy lunch you had a week ago, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen’s feeds might spark a little more envy.

Being the living proof of “#lifegoals,” the young lovers enjoy breakfasts with nosey giraffes and makeout sessions in the desert — all while getting paid.

Companies shell out up to $9,000 per Instagram post to reach the couple’s massive amounts of followers. So Bullen and Morris’ drool-worthy vacations and romantic adventures are totally taken care of.

See for yourself what a perfect life really looks like in the photos that follow. Be warned: #6 will make you want to quit your day job.

10. They Swing Life Away In The Middle Of The Jungle

What better way to spend a day in the jungle than by finding an oasis with your own rope swing? This is proof that all those hours you put in at your playground growing up could actually come in handy as lucrative job skills. So forget everything you mom said and keep swinging.