Meet The 70-Year-Old Woman Who Looks 30 (And In A Bikini!)

5. The Joy And Importance Of Sleep

Carolyn Hartz

Just like depriving yourself of food doesn’t work, neither does depriving yourself of your necessary rest. Carolyn makes sure to get eight hours of sleep each night so that her body has the time it needs to relax and recover at the end of each day.

“‘I have done this for most of my life and now the research shows that it is essential for good health to get this number of hours,” she said.

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4. Protein Curbs Your Appetite

Carolyn Hartz

One of the biggest parts of Carolyn’s diet is her emphasis on protein. You’ll find it in almost every meal she ever eats, and it’s because protein helps her feel more satisfied for longer periods of time. That’s because the body takes longer to convert protein into fuel that it can use, allowing it to focus on building muscle. According to Carolyn, protein helps stop her cravings and keeps her from eating outside her schedule.

3. Get Growth From The Garden

Carolyn Hartz

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an important part of Carolyn’s diet, so much so that she makes visits to the farmer’s market with her husband, an important part of their weekends together. She’ll include a serving of either fruit or vegetables with every meal, including the two snacks she schedules into her day.

Of the five main food groups, the only one she doesn’t focus on including is grains, partially because of her gluten intolerance and partially because flour converts to sugar in the body, which led her to find substitutes such as almond meal for the baking standard.

2. Shield From The Sun

Carolyn Hartz

Avoiding the sun isn’t really possible when living near the beach, but Carolyn is careful to limit her sun exposure by protecting herself whenever she enjoys the outdoors. She knows from experience: she had to remove cancer cells from under her nose in her 30s.

“I wear sunscreen every day under my makeup and never sunbake. I am very aware of the damaging effects of the sun,” she said.

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1. You Are You And Nobody Else

Carolyn Hartz

One trait many people have is a tendency to compare themselves to others and measure their successes accordingly. Carolyn doesn’t believe that’s helpful or healthy for anyone involved. She practices gratitude for what’s going well in her life as part of her meditation, and she believes in uplifting those around you.

“Be happy for your friends’ successes, enjoy them together. Never be jealous or resentful, both are wasted emotions and only hurt your well-being,” she said.

For Carolyn, getting to the look she has as a grandmother of four and developing her SweetLife company to help others learn from her experiences aren’t things that happened overnight. They’re a result of a total immersion in her lifestyle of being mindful of her actions and being positive in every part of her life. By making sure that everything she eats is something both helpful and enjoyable and focusing on the positive, she’s created a life she greatly enjoys.

“Attitude is your most important asset. Life is not perfect, accept this and grab it with both hands. Most importantly train yourself to see the glass as half full. The day is partially sunny, not partially cloudy!”