Maneaters: 12 Men That The Kardashians Completely And Utterly Destroyed

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There is little doubt that the Kardashians are among the most famous families in the world. Everything they do or say is eaten up by tabloids, and they grab headlines and trending social topics each and every day. While they’re all smiles for the cameras, the truth is that they have stepped on a lot of people on their way to fame, fortune, and prominence. They’re practically a force of nature, and throughout the years, they have negatively impacted the careers of numerous different men, including these 12.

Don’t believe us? Click through and see for yourself. Number 8 is especially shocking!

#12 Reggie Bush


Reggie Bush is a former Heisman winning running back at USC and went on to have a fairly successful NFL career. But after dating Kim Kardashian and having a very public breakup, he was never quite the same again. He now finds himself struggling to even get any snaps in the NFL.

#11 Kris Humphries

Before marrying Kim Kardashian, Humphries was an NBA player making millions and his life was pretty good. But after marrying Kim (and famously getting an extremely quick divorce), his NBA career took a hit. While he was more famous, you hardly heard about him for his NBA career anymore, which has all but faded away.

#10 Ray J


When Ray J and Kim Kardashian were together, HE was the more famous of the two. In fact, he can almost be credited with making Kim famous as he was the man in her infamous sex tape. After breaking up with Kim, we almost never hear anything about Ray J (unless it as something to do with his previous relationship with Kim).

#9 Scott Disick


While Scott Disick is still technically in and on/off relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, there is no arguing he has changed. Before meeting her, he was a rich kid from New York and now he is an equally rich man, though one who has struggled with alcohol abuse and has been to rehab on numerous occasions.