This Man Has Two Girlfriends And They Call Themselves A “Trouple”

Being in a relationship with one person is tough enough. Getting used to the person’s quirks, faults, and moods can take some time and dedication. Imagine having an extra person to dedicate your life to. Quite a few people believe relationships are meant for more than two people. Let’s meet a family with those exact beliefs and see how well it works for them.

10. Not A Normal Couple

A polyamorous relationship consists of more than two people. Either a couple has an open relationship where they can see other people or a third person has joined in the relationship. These types of relationships are more common than you would think. Let’s meet some people in a polyamorous relationship in #9.

9. Meet The “Trouple”

This group is a family in a polyamorous relationship. They call themselves a “trouple” and they already have two kids and are expecting a third. Adam Lyons is the lone male in the relationship. He has two girlfriends, Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova. They explain what being polyamorous adds to the relationship in #8.

8. A Extra Set Of Hands

The “trouple” says having an extra parent makes life easier for everyone involved. Brooke’s eldest son Oliver loves having an extra person to hang out with. Adam was believed to be one of the luckiest men alive. Although having two girlfriends could get stressful, the fact that they get along only makes things better.

7. All About The Kids

As soon as they brought their first children into the world, their focus has been on raising them. Oliver refers to his second mother as “Jane” but his younger brother calls her mom. They will also let the new addition to the family call her mom as well. Jane’s new role is explained further in #6.

6. Teaching Each Other To Parent

Jane was never sure if she wanted kids. Being in this relationship has allowed her to expand her motherly role. Surprisingly, they have had a successful time co-parenting thus far. It’s easy when everyone is on the same page and shares enough of their lives with each other to develop a loving and trusting relationship.