Man Sick For 12 Years Experiences A Mircle

5. Trapped Inside



For the first few years of living in a vegetative state, Martin said that he was not aware of his surroundings. But eventually, though, he suddenly “woke up” and began to see and hear everything going on around him again.

But sadly his body didn’t change a bit. He was still trapped inside his own body for more than a decade. He was not able to speak or communicate with anyone else.

6. Ghost Boy


Martin shared in an interview that he felt like a ghost during his vegetative stage. He was also able to learn how people really acted when they didn’t think anyone was watching.

“Everyone was so used to me not being there that they didn’t notice when I began to be present again,” Martin said. “The stark reality hit me that I was going to spend the rest of my life like that—totally alone…No one will ever show me tenderness. No one will ever love me.”

7. Signs Of Hope

martin-pistorius-and-family2Despite the difficulties Martin and his family faced his therapist noticed “a glimmer in his eye” and realized he could communicate. So Martin began to regain hope that his inner trouble would soon end.

Bit by bit as his mind got stronger and so did his body. And with a lot of hard work, he was able to regain muscle control. But he still cannot verbally speak, so he uses a computer to communicate with others, and he also uses a wheelchair.

8. Slowly Recovering


His mind began to awaken at about the age of 16. By 19 it was fully intact. He knew who he was and where he was, and understood that he’d been robbed of a real life.

And ever since his health began to improve, he was able to start doing a few of the things he missed out on years ago, like learning to drive a specially adapted car and enrolling in college. This was something that the doctor’s never imagined.

9. Finding Love


Ever since he started to communicate, his hope was drawn towards women. But like a moth to a flame, he was burned by their lack of interest.

It wasn’t until he met Joanna, his sister’s friend. She was a South African social worker who had settled in Britain and became friends with his sister. The two met during a family web chat in 2008 and started emailing each other since then.

Joana suggested that they meet in Britain but he was curious why she wanted to meet me. She said, “Because you’re the most honest man I’ve ever met,’ she said. ‘And because, although I’ve only known you for a few weeks, you’ve made me so happy. You make me laugh, you’re interesting and you understand what I say in a way no one else ever has before.” True love does exist.