Man Sick For 12 Years Experiences A Mircle

martin-pistoriusThis is an inspiring story about a young boy who got miraculously healed when the doctors saw no hope in his condition.


He was a typical boy who was born healthy and grew up healthy until at a certain age his health started to degrade without any reason at all. It was a scary time for him and the family.

The doctors couldn’t do anything until someone saw a “glimmer of hope” in the boy’s eye. It was an unexpected turnaround of things. Nobody imagined that things would turn around for this man. Let’s find out how the situation went about.

1. Young And Healthy


This is the amazing story of Martin Pistorius. He was just like any other regular kid. He grew up in South Africa and enjoyed playing video games and electronics just like other typical boys his age.

He didn’t have any illness or felt anything unusual. He was a healthy boy and grew up healthy. His parents didn’t notice anything unusual about him at all. But suddenly his condition started to change.

2. Things Started To Change


This was a photo of Martin and his family before he got sick. They were a happy and healthy bunch. But after he turned 12-years-old, his body started to rapidly deteriorate.

It started when he came home sick from school one day. Then he quickly lost control of his muscle movements and was not able to communicate. But what did the doctors find out?

3. Paralyzed


The doctors guessed that he had cryptococcal meningitis, a neurodegenerative disorder, and they told his parents, that he had become a vegetable and would likely not live much longer.

The doctors also told Martin’s parents that he was completely unaware of his surroundings, and he couldn’t understand anything that was happening. He was unresponsive and couldn’t express himself either. He was virtually in a coma.

4. Difficult Days Ahead


So Martin’s parents prepared themselves for the worst. He cared for their son at home and dropped him off at a special care center during they day while they were at work. His mom told NBC News in an interview that during one particularly difficult day she looked at Martin and said, “I hope you die.”

“I know that’s a horrible thing to say,” she said later. “I just wanted some sort of relief.”

The most difficult part for her to bear now, though, is knowing that Martin heard her say it, but he could do nothing about it.