Man Sees A Wild Wolf In The Woods Then Gets Closer And Realizes The Terrible Truth

The woods isn’t a place for everyone. Especially for the squeamish and faint-hearted. You’ll see all kinds of creatures that are harmless and sometimes the ones that you don’t want to cross paths with.


Just like this Wisconsin man who had an unexpected encounter with a wild animal. He wasn’t terrified at all since he was an outdoors kind of guy.

He was used to the life in the wild and seeing wild animals but when he gets closer a wolf laying in the woods he realizes something terrible. Let’s find out what it was.

10. Unexpected Encounter

A Wisconsin man had set up a coyote trap on his property, but it caught a timber wolf instead. Just imagine his reaction when he saw this situation. The trap clamps down on an animal’s paw so that they cannot escape. That’s what happened to this wolf, and despite how strong he is, he can’t do anything to help himself. But getting near this wild animal is still risky.

9. Getting Near

Even though the wolf was helpless, the man wasn’t planning on hurting the wolf. Yes, he had a gun, but he didn’t intend to use it on the animal. He was hoping to catch a coyote, but it caught something else. He slowly went near the wolf to check out how it was doing especially with its paws trapped.

8. Help From Buddies

He also has two fellow outdoor buddies with him expecting to catch a coyote. He also has a gun with him, but they weren’t planning on hurting the wolf. The main guy even asked his friend to keep it away so that the wolf won’t feel threatened and intimidated.

7. An Idea

Then the main guy had found a plywood laying around and had an idea. He wanted to badly help the wolf but getting near him to release his paw wasn’t going to be easy. He is trying his best to release the wild animal unharmed as his paws are already caught in the trap.