This Man Completed A Breathtaking Road Trip Across America For Just $200

Travel can become very expensive. Taking a vacation involves a ton of planning, including hotel accommodations, attractions, and your mode of transportation. The expenses can add up quick, and it deters many individuals from traveling at all. Although it seems difficult, achieving your dream road trip can be affordable with a little ingenuity and proper planning. One man figured out how to make his ultimate road trip become insanely affordable, and it’s amazing! He only spent a little over $200, and you will want to use his method to making travel super affordable. Slide #4 will make your jaw drop!

12. This Young Man Has A History Of Thinking Outside The Box

Derek Low was born in Singapore and attended the University of California for electrical engineering and computer science as a young adult. He was always known for having genius ideas, and he became an Internet sensation by creating an automated dorm room with a variety of tools and gadgets. Slide #7 proves he was definitely going somewhere in life!

11. Derek Was Always On The Go

Low was always an avid adventurer, and he received a lot of acclaim for his travel writing. He had already been to over 50 countries, but he was just getting started. He was getting ready to take another trip and this journey would do the opposite of breaking the bank.

10. Derek Was Ready To Depart On His Most Epic Adventure

In December of 2011, he began his journey from San Francisco, California to New York. This cross-country road trip is a total of 3,400 miles, and it was no small journey. He was ready to make it work for him. There was one huge component to the trip that made it even more incredible, and it will inspire you to get going!

9. There Was One Key Element To His Journey

Low would not be taking a plane on his trip, and he would not be driving his own vehicle. He would board a train and take it all the way across the United States of America, from coast to coast. You won’t believe the view in slide #6, and that was simply one of the many beautiful backdrops to his journey!

8. He Intended To Make It The Most Fulfilling Road Trip Ever

Low would ride two trains, first the California Zephyr and then the Lake Shore Limited. The journey would take a total of four days, but this young man planned on making a few stops along the way to make the most of his trip across the country. He wanted to take in all the sights he possibly could.