Before and After Makeup – 39 Observations

7- Strong Jawline
Jawline Importance

This girl already seems confident and comfortable in the ‘before’ picture. She has a strong jawline and it seems that Andreev worked around that. Her skin seems more evenly toned and properly blushed. Her eyes are given a darker focus to them while her lips received a light pinkish hue, proving her elegance difference¬†before and after makeup.

8- Eyes Under Eyebrows
Eyebrows and the Eyes

Many would agree that this girl has pretty eyes, and it seems Andreev is one of them. Foundation is used to give this girl some tan and some shades for her cheekbones. Her lips received a more defining colour while her eyes received the most attention. Eyeliner shapes her eyes with sharper corners and the bright eyeshadow just highlights her eyes, as seen in the blazing difference between the before and after makeup photos.

9- Wildlook Works
Wild Look Hair

This girl also looks comfortable in her usual self. After receiving Andreev’s touches though, she looks even livelier. Foundation is used again for that tanned look, and more defined cheekbones. Her lips look cream-coloured, probably to draw the attention to the upper half of her face, as seen through the bright sidelines of her eyes, making that wild look of hers work better.