Before and After Makeup – 39 Observations

4- Eye Shadows
Eyes are Important to Looks

This woman’s somewhat pale skin is brought to life perfectly by foundation. Her jawlines are enhanced and higlighted, while cream coloured lipstick adorns her lips. The eyeshadow in this picture is dark and pretty. Andreev used his skills and managed to bring out this woman’s eyes, as seen from the perfect foundational tones in the area around her eyes, a symbolic detail of her before and after makeup.

5- Adding Blushed Cheeks
Visible Cheeks

This girl also looked like little had been done to her. Foundational powder gave her livelier skin tone, with blushed cheeks. Her lipstick also seems lightly applied. Her eyes seem to have received little work, finished with a light eyeshadows. Her eyes are still mesmerizing regardless. Her smile shows how comfortable this new is given to her.

6- Focus on Eyes
Eyes Get Treated

The girl in this picture has beautiful skin, so the foundation used seems to complement that. The powder on her cheeks work together with her dark fashioned eyes in bringing the colour out. This girl looks more confident with her lips in a darker shade, while her eyes draw all the focus on them. The difference of before and after makeup is so significant.