How To Make A Rude Person’s Day Worse With Absolute Class

As the saying goes, it’s best to kill them with kindness. Although it is suggested to be the bigger person, sometimes you need to get a little sassy and seek revenge. Rude people are the worst, and when you work with people all day you are bound to get a few bad apples. These 10 stories that people have shared on Reddit show that you can get back at someone with a bad attitude in the most subtle of ways. Revenge is sweet, and it is even sweeter when you are sly. You may want to keep slide #4 in mind for future reference!

10. Revenge Served Piping Hot

A former shift leader at Dunkin’ Donuts remembers one especially rude encounter. One woman arrived with her group of friends during a hectic rush. Their order was huge, and the woman decided to ask for a job application and fill it out right at the counter. The customer then proceeded to complain about a flat soda and then yell in the lobby about not getting a refund. The shift leader decided to take the woman’s application and throw it away right in front of her face.

9. Don’t Mess With Those In Customer Service

An individual working in a hotel had a regular customer that stayed there frequently. Every time he was there he would make rude, condescending comments about “minimum-wage workers” and was always yelling at the hotel staff. This person noticed that the man was forming a relationship with one of his female co-workers, so when his wife called one night they connected it to the mistress’s room. Needless to say, the rude customer and his wife got a divorce.

8. God Is Undoubtedly Good

Working at a church is admirable, but this person couldn’t catch a break from one of their woman co-workers. She would criticize everything they would do, just because they were not from a Christian family. One day while mopping they did not hold the door open for this woman, and she started freaking out. They did the logical thing by locking her out of the church. They put the mop between the door handles and got back to their business.

7. Public Transportation Is Sometimes Beyond Horrible

This person recalls the unfortunate incident of sitting next to a furious lady on the train. She was mad that they sat next to her because she wanted “to sit alone,” and she kept mumbling angrily under her breath. The person noticed a lady with a large purse enter the train, and they offered their seat so the angry lady would be forced to have her space taken up by the passenger’s huge bag. Her face was priceless.

6. Patience Is A Virtue — Even In Fast Food

This person remembers making an irritable customer’s coffee wrong at McDonald’s. He rudely asked them to make it again and began to audibly comment on how long it was taking. This McDonald’s employee decided to pour out the entire pot of coffee in front of the shocked customer and tell him it would be another five minutes. The furious customer drove off without his coffee.