How To Make A Rude Person’s Day Worse With Absolute Class

As the saying goes, it’s best to kill them with kindness. Although it is suggested to be the bigger person, sometimes you need to get a little sassy and seek revenge. Rude people are the worst, and when you work with people all day you are bound to get a few bad apples. These 10 stories that people have shared on Reddit show that you can get back at someone with a bad attitude in the most subtle of ways. Revenge is sweet, and it is even sweeter when you are sly. You may want to keep slide #4 in mind for future reference!

10. Revenge Served Piping Hot

A former shift leader at Dunkin’ Donuts remembers one especially rude encounter. One woman arrived with her group of friends during a hectic rush. Their order was huge, and the woman decided to ask for a job application and fill it out right at the counter. The customer then proceeded to complain about a flat soda and then yell in the lobby about not getting a refund. The shift leader decided to take the woman’s application and throw it away right in front of her face.