Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special With 20 Proposal Ideas

4- A Video Would Do
Adding Your Own Videos

Do it in a movie theater. You must be thinking of it as one of a boring proposal ideas but you can make it interesting. Record a small video showing your extraordinary love story and ask your local movie theater to play it before the trailers. Now take your girlfriend early to the theater and let the events reveal themselves.

5- Record the Proposal
Keeping a Reminder

Another interesting idea regarding how to propose to your girlfriend can be to record your memories. You can record a few romantic memories stretching a few months a back and compile them in a video altogether and the end of it propose her.

6- Choose a Romantic Spot
Environment Has the Impact

Plan a trip to somewhere, someplace romantic. Now after you have boarded on the plane and flying high, grab the microphone to the flight announcement system and pour your heart out. Congrats, now you are part of the mile high club.