Lost In Translation: 12 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

Language is fascinating and sometimes confusing at the same time because it’s not just the verbal that we have to pay attention to but also the non-verbal part of the language. But, even when a man and a woman are speaking the same language you can bet that one side is always saying something a little bit different than the other.


That’s why Most relationship counseling sessions include teaching significant others to understand what their partner really means. It could sometimes spell peace or disaster in your relationship. Especially sometimes women are difficult to understand. If you guys know what I mean then you can relate to this list if not then read on before even making that mistake. Be like a detective.

12. I’m Not Mad

If you notice your girlfriend acting a little irritated, and she tells you that she isn’t mad then you need to believe her, but also know what she really means. But to make life easier she’s probably mad and wants you to pacify her.

Whether angry or not, don’t push for her to spill the beans. Just continue being the good guy that you probably are and soothe her. But if it continues to bother her then she will eventually open up and let you know. Just be aware that things might be tender for a little bit. Better be on your best behavior. 

11. “Do I look fat in this?”

Some women aren’t bothered if you say yes but most, of course, she doesn’t want to hear the truth. So when she asks that trap question, “Do I look fat in this?”, she is really just asking you to tell her that she’s beautiful to you in any outfit. Still, do be honest in regards to outfits. Instead of talking about her body when answering this question,

Still, do be honest in regards to outfits. Instead of talking about her body when answering this question, instead, focus on things like patterns and colors. Like, stripes isn’t your pattern and be quick to make a comeback reply by suggesting things that flatter her body. Quickly!

10. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

We’ve talked a lot about how certain questions or phrases can be coded requests for acceptance or love. This question, “Do you think she’s pretty”, is nothing more than a minefield that needs to be avoided.

Maybe your girl is feeling less than her best physically or maybe she thinks that your eyes have been wandering a little bit lately, that’s not a good thing. Either way, your answer should be a booming  “No way, not even half as pretty as you” but try to sound as sincere as you can.

9. “Do whatever you want.”

On the surface the phrase ‘Do whatever you want’ sounds like your woman is giving you permission to go ahead with whatever plans you had made. This is not the case.

In fact, ‘Do whatever you want’ is closer to a dare than it is to any other sort of phrase. If your girlfriend says this phrase then you need to pause in your tracks, perk your ears up, and try to read between the lines. Hint: she doesn’t want you to go forward with your plans. Uh-oh.