15 Amazing Lost Technologies the World Didn’t Know About

14. Damascus Steeldamascus steel

Damascus Steel is a type of steel used for producing sword blades in the Middle East. These swords have distinctive patterns of banding which are comparable to flowing water. People have claimed that these blades were so tough that it is able to slice through rocks and even cut other blades in half. It also has given rise to many legends, like the ability to cut through a rifle barrel or cut a hair falling across the blade. How cool is that?! The material used for forging the weapons is known to be imported wootz steel from Sri Lanka, but the process of making the swords and knives is what actually makes them unique and incredibly strong. Not only that, but it has been known that the blade forged this way was also extremely flexible. The particular process for forging Damascus steel appears to have disappeared sometime around 1750 AD.