Lion Family Caught Injured Fox: Then, the Unexpected…



Graham Dyer is a photographer who decided to watch a herd of lions one day when he was able to capture the unexpected. Often times, photographers have to wait long and exhausting days without being able to capture much of anything interesting at all.

It is a rare occasion to catch animal behavior out of the ordinary, but when it happens, it can be amazing. Graham’s patience paid off well one day when he was able to capture a remarkable story of a family of lions and their journey of making an unexpected companion. Click through to see the incredible story Graham was able to capture!

18. It Was A Normal Day In The Safari

18. It Was A Normal Day In The SafariAt first, it just seemed like a regular old day of lion observing. While it can sometimes be rare to capture beautiful photographs of animals in wildlife at all, what Graham was about to capture was exceptionally stunning. What he thought would be a normal day turned out to be something he would remember forever…

17. The Head Lion Heard Something Concerning

17. The Head Lion Heard Something ConcerningSuddenly, the head of the family, a large male lion, heard something that startled his rest. He quickly interrupted his nap to begin investigating. Not only was the lion excited, but Graham was as well to see what could possibly have the lion so excited. Was he about to fight off a predator? Capture lunch? Quite the opposite, Graham would soon find out.

16. A Fox Has Been Hurt

16. A Fox Has Been HurtThe male lion approaches to find this scene, his female queen investigating an injured fox. The female lion seems to be cool and collected, not immediately attacking. Graham quickly realizes that this little fox has been injured by something. Graham isn’t able to see what, or who, might have hurt him, but it is apparent there’s been some harm done to his back legs, as normally the fox would be long gone by now after running into the large lion. You’ll never guess what happened next…

15. The Female Decides She Needs To Protect

15. The Female Decides She Needs To ProtectOnce the male approaches, he’s quick to decide that he either wants to kill the fox for food, or kill him to defend his family. The lioness has opposite intentions, as she wants to instead protect the fox as best as possible. She for sure isn’t afraid to fight off her king and do whatever it takes to protect the already hurt fox. He seems to understand this, and lays off a bit, letting her have what she wants like a true queen. How did the king of the jungle do next?

14. The Rest Of The Herd Grows Curious

14. The Rest Of The Herd Grows CuriousOnce the king backs off, everyone can begin to calm down a little bit. After all the commotion of the lions fighting and the fox whining out in pain, the rest of the herd decides to come explore what is happening. The cubs grow extremely curious. It’s rare for them to run into a nonthreatening animal, especially one the size of them! The mother isn’t afraid of the fox, and protects him, showing that he’s not dangerous and neither are her little cubbies.