Lion Family Caught Injured Fox: Then, the Unexpected…



Graham Dyer is a photographer who decided to watch a herd of lions one day when he was able to capture the unexpected. Often times, photographers have to wait long and exhausting days without being able to capture much of anything interesting at all.

It is a rare occasion to catch animal behavior out of the ordinary, but when it happens, it can be amazing. Graham’s patience paid off well one day when he was able to capture a remarkable story of a family of lions and their journey of making an unexpected companion. Click through to see the incredible story Graham was able to capture!

18. It Was A Normal Day In The Safari

18. It Was A Normal Day In The SafariAt first, it just seemed like a regular old day of lion observing. While it can sometimes be rare to capture beautiful photographs of animals in wildlife at all, what Graham was about to capture was exceptionally stunning. What he thought would be a normal day turned out to be something he would remember forever…