Let’s Learn About Israel’s Female Soldiers While Looking At Hot Instagram Pics Of Them

Israeli soldiers have one of the hardest jobs in the world. Being surrounded by enemies has caused them to be one of the best and most elite militaries and, no matter what your stance, has to be one of the most nerve-wracking positions in military history.

The Instagram page, @hotisraelarmygirls, was set up to display some of the most beautiful, and toughest, soldiers Israel has to offer. With over 60,000 followers, the page has displayed some of the women who make up one of the most diverse fighting forces to ever see the battlefield. Here are 12 of those women who are turning heads across the Internet.


#12. Alice Miller’s Breakthrough

The issue of gender equality first came up when a civilian pilot and aeronautical engineer named Alice Miller petitioned the country’s High Court of Justice to allow her to take Israeli Air Force pilot training tests. In 1996, there was a ruling in her favor even though President Ezer Weizman said she should be “staying at home and darning socks.”