Legendary Olympic Gold Medalists – Where Are They Now?

It’s not something that comes up very often, is it? What becomes of top athletes when they leave their athletic careers behind. We regularly get updates on child stars or retired actors but athletes seem to fade away, don’t they?

We wanted to right that wrong and also to see how some of the greatest athletes of the last several decades are doing now.

We’re sure you’ll be amazed at how they’ve turned out now that they’re doing something new with their lives. The most dramatic transformation of them all is number six on our list but they’re all quite amazing.

10. Peggy Fleming

Today, Peggy Fleming is probably best known for her TV work as a figure skating commentator but she was once the best-known athlete in America. Back in 1968, she won the only gold medal for the USA at the Olympic Games. She’s looking pretty good, right? Check out number 8 for another athlete who turned out great.