Know all about the Different Types of Hot Water Systems

Know all about the Different Types of Hot Water Systems

It is common to see old hot water systems malfunctioning, especially during the end of the winter months. It is one of the most noiseless and unnoticed appliances in your house, which has become a necessity to function day-to-day.

Hot water systems are not something that you buy every day. Some families need to buy it only once or twice in their entire lifetime. So, it can be pretty confusing to zero in on the right hot water system.

There are different types of hot water systems in the market, as you can see in There are certain factors like efficiency, demand and energy usage that will help you determine the right hot water system according to your needs. Before you choose a hot water system, make sure to analyze these factors.

You are in the right place if you want to learn about the different types of hot water systems in the market.

A Little Recap

The hot water system was first introduced in London by Ben Maughan in 1868 and it was called Geyser.

After twenty years, Edwin Rudd, a Norwegian Engineer in Pennsylvania, developed the first automatic storage tank hot water system. Since its inception, different types of hot water systems have been developed, and the value of the global water heater market size was valued at $ 27.36 billion in the past years. 

Different Types Of Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water System

Solar systems are the most cost-efficient energy source for heating. There are active and passive solar hot water systems. This system relies on the roof-mounted solar panels as the energy source. The solar hot water system can help you save money during the summer and is suitable for families who live in sunny and warm climates.

As this system comes with a tank, it should be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent corrosion and remove scale. The benefits of a solar hot water system are, they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It also helps you cut down electricity costs. It’s only drawback is the cost and unreliable weather conditions.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Just like electric kettles, electric hot water systems have a heating element inside the tank. The tanks come in various sizes which store the heated water until it is ready for use. You can also get instant electric water heaters which heat the water when needed instead of heating and preserving it.

Follow expert websites like to get an idea of different brands of instant hot water systems. You can also get an endless supply of water with this option. In the initial stages, the cost of using electric hot water systems is relatively cheap, which can change in the long run.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Compared to solar hot water systems, this one is more efficient. The energy source for this is the heat extracted by the heat pump from the surroundings like the ground, air, and water. The absorbed energy is converted to heat by a reverse refrigeration process which is then used to heat water.

Heat pump hot water systems use less electricity compared to the electric water heater. Though this system requires more investment than the traditional options, it offers more efficiency, and you can save a lot in the long run.

Choose The Right One

To choose the right hot water system, you have to consider your requirements, size, and type of home, and the budget. When it comes to household size, think about how many people are there and everyone’s hot water consumption pattern.

Check out how much space you have to accommodate the system before you choose one as hot water systems come in different sizes,

You cannot afford to go wrong while you invest in hot water systems. A good hot water system should be economical, provide an adequate amount of hot water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.