Kitchen Design Ideas – 100 Superb Options

7- Blue Mixed With Wooden
Blue Divide in Wooden Finish

The kitchen here is a good example of a modern design. Note how the brightly colored cabinets and the blue walls brighten up the whole room despite being equipped with only dimmed lights. The cabinets also match the dark marble tops; an excellent play on contrast. Here, instead of an island cabinet, one of the corner counters are used as a dining area, sort of making it look like a middle kitchen. This allows the open area to be used solely as the working area. The appliances and stove are placed independent of the dining area, so you can work comfortably in a wide space.

8- Black Tops, Wooden Finish
Black Tops along with Wooden Finish

Applying simple yet classy wooden cabinets to complement the wooden floor and wooden ceiling frames, this kitchen is seems modest yet luxurious. The matte black marble tops add definite volume to the whole room, downplaying the whole wooden look for some balance. Since the room is well-lit due to the wide windows, this room also require minimum lighting. Separating the stove from the island counter provides more working space, although the kitchen is wide enough. The counters resemble a U shape, and provides ample space to house more patrons. This is one kitchen that many would love to use.

9- Efficient Space and Dark Cabinets
Efficient Wider Spaces

modern kitchen design ideas rely on simple positioning that utilizes available spaces efficiently, much like the kitchen here. The dark cabinets line up the room nicely against the earth-toned wall tiles, along with the grayish ground marble kitchen tops. The metallic appliances fit in nicely with the whole arrangement. The stove is stationed on the slightly elevated island counter that makes cooking around your patrons much more convenient. The cream colored wooden floor adds gorgeous lighting to the whole set, finishing the modern and stylish look. The kitchen seems to be near a gathering area, so the ventilation is a great addition.