Kitchen Design Ideas – 100 Superb Options

4- Corner Kitchen Counters
Black Marble Prominance

Here is another beautiful design for an island cabinet in the middle of corner kitchen counters. This kitchen fits three sinks; one in the island, one in the counter across it, and another by the window. This allows separate use for each one, and if the island counter is used as a working area, then the used up space can be contained in one area only, maximizing free space. The lush, granite marble top decorates the walls as well, highlighting the elegant dark cherry wooden cabinets against the cream colored kitchen floor.

5- Wider Space in Wooden Finish
Island Dining

This corner cabinet arrangement does not differ much with the other kitchen design ideas, other than the wider space that provides a larger space. This kitchen uses a lot of wooden motif, as the counters are all wooden except for the marble tops. One unique addition here is the L-shaped island counter, that obviously seats more. The whole design makes the room seem brighter and more cozy, adding to the location of this kitchen which is in one corner of the house. Placing the stove away from the island counter also allows for a less bound working space, although the counter tops may look unorganized with many items.

6- Large Window for Better Natural Light
Large Window for Better Daylight

This here is one of the loveliest kitchen design ideas. The kitchen faces a large window, providing better lighting to the whole room. The corner cabinets line up along the walls perfectly, housing two sinks for different purposes. The stove and cooking appliances are placed away from the island counter, saving that spot solely for dining. The marble counter tops are of a light color, blending well with the off-white cabinets. These colors stand out nicely against the wooden floor and ceiling. The island counter, of a wholly different design than the cabinets and counters, provides a homely feel to it, being made of simple wood.