Kitchen Design Ideas – 100 Superb Options

Designing your own house is always fun. The best thing about constructing your house with your own unique customization is designing everything from scratch. By consulting your architect you can maximize your use of the spaces of your house, slowly turning each rooms into a cozy place you can call your home. From choosing the color of walls to applying wallpapers if you want, and designing your bathrooms and kitchen with your own choices of tiles and wall decorations. With proper time and planning, you can choose carefully over a number of different materials that can be used. This time we will look over the necessary steps in custom-designing your own kitchens and some recommended and brilliant kitchen design ideas.

The kitchen, according to all women, is the heart of the house, regardless of whether or not they cook. The kitchen needs to be clean and comfortable. Your family members will without a doubt spend a large proportion of their times in the kitchen. Yes, some people prefer having their meals at the dining table or in front of the TV but why should that stop you from getting a beautiful kitchen with great utilities? Plus, a dining table is not always convenient. In today fast-paced lifestyle, we cannot always afford the luxury of having every meal together. A spacious kitchen can seat your family so they can eat well without having to sacrifice quality working time.

This is where good kitchen design ideas become significant. By listing out your priorities and preferences, you can sort out the positions of various cabinets and counters to complement the necessary appliances. If you prefer cooking in one area away from the eating area, you can place the stove in one corner opposite your eating counter. Some may favor having the sink in the middle, on one separate island of counter, while some others would rather use the said island as a dining area. All of these can be considered in customizing your kitchen. Visualize your kitchen according to these factors so you would not regret the layout later.

After getting your needs sort out, you can start choosing your appliances. Do you want separate sinks for washing, or are you going to get a dishwasher machine? Are you going to use an oven built-in to the wall or do you want an external one? All these should be taken into account before you proceed with the design. Most interior designers have kitchen themes that may interest you, and they usually recommend the appliances that match their themes, and maybe not yours. Deciding early on can save you the trouble of modifying your kitchen design ideas in case the end result does not meet your expectations.

When that is done, then only should you move on to the material and decoration layout. What color would you prefer? Remember, this would affect the final ambiance of the room. Dark colors can bring out a neat look, while bright colors, like white for instance, has a widening effect, making the room seem wider and more spacious. What kind of material do you envision your kitchen with? Do you want the kitchen floor tiles to complement the metal appliances for that shiny and modern look, or would you prefer for the marble cabinets to match your wooden floor to carry the rustic, cozy feel of a traditional kitchen? Let us take a look at some of the most innovative kitchen design ideas that may suit your needs.

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1- Small Dining and Two Seats
Dining With Two Seats

As seen in this picture, the shiny appliances match the floor tiles. The dark brown cabinets go well with the moss green marble cabinets. The lighting is also nicely done, as the cabinets have some overhead lighting for each section. The island cabinet houses the stove as well as a small dining area that can seat 2-4 people. The close proximity between the cooking and eating area gives ease for the cook to both serve and eat. One addition you could make to this arrangement is the surface of the cabinet. While the elongated look seems to store a lot, due to the corner not many items can actually be placed. If you have a coffee machine or a waffle maker that you frequently use, the cabinet surface would already be cluttered.

2- More Storage More Lighting
Alternate Dining on Tiled Floor

Another corner-end layout, this arrangement is one of the more spacious kitchen design ideas. The longer kitchen counter provides more storage space. The island cabinet consists of the stove, freeing the other counters. Since the lighting is good, the increased ceiling does not darken the room at all. The blanch marble kitchen top complements the bright floor tiles, yet does not stand out against the wooden brown mahogany cabinets. Even though the island counter is wide enough to seat many, it might end up crowding the kitchen. The window by the sink is convenient, both for cleaning and ventilation when cooking.

3- Adding Greenery
Adding Greenery

In this picture the kitchen applies a wooden theme that deemphasizes the modern look of the appliances by playing with light colors. The corner marble counter top is in cream, while the wall behind them uses tiny beige and cream tiles. The kitchen counter is wide and spacious enough, but the bright atmosphere adds to it even more. The island cabinet counter uses a similar color, but with a distinct ground tone that differentiate it from the cream color counter. The elegant wooden finishing of the cabinets really blend well with wooden floor, perfecting that homely feel.

4- Corner Kitchen Counters
Black Marble Prominance

Here is another beautiful design for an island cabinet in the middle of corner kitchen counters. This kitchen fits three sinks; one in the island, one in the counter across it, and another by the window. This allows separate use for each one, and if the island counter is used as a working area, then the used up space can be contained in one area only, maximizing free space. The lush, granite marble top decorates the walls as well, highlighting the elegant dark cherry wooden cabinets against the cream colored kitchen floor.

5- Wider Space in Wooden Finish
Island Dining

This corner cabinet arrangement does not differ much with the other kitchen design ideas, other than the wider space that provides a larger space. This kitchen uses a lot of wooden motif, as the counters are all wooden except for the marble tops. One unique addition here is the L-shaped island counter, that obviously seats more. The whole design makes the room seem brighter and more cozy, adding to the location of this kitchen which is in one corner of the house. Placing the stove away from the island counter also allows for a less bound working space, although the counter tops may look unorganized with many items.

6- Large Window for Better Natural Light
Large Window for Better Daylight

This here is one of the loveliest kitchen design ideas. The kitchen faces a large window, providing better lighting to the whole room. The corner cabinets line up along the walls perfectly, housing two sinks for different purposes. The stove and cooking appliances are placed away from the island counter, saving that spot solely for dining. The marble counter tops are of a light color, blending well with the off-white cabinets. These colors stand out nicely against the wooden floor and ceiling. The island counter, of a wholly different design than the cabinets and counters, provides a homely feel to it, being made of simple wood.

7- Blue Mixed With Wooden
Blue Divide in Wooden Finish

The kitchen here is a good example of a modern design. Note how the brightly colored cabinets and the blue walls brighten up the whole room despite being equipped with only dimmed lights. The cabinets also match the dark marble tops; an excellent play on contrast. Here, instead of an island cabinet, one of the corner counters are used as a dining area, sort of making it look like a middle kitchen. This allows the open area to be used solely as the working area. The appliances and stove are placed independent of the dining area, so you can work comfortably in a wide space.

8- Black Tops, Wooden Finish
Black Tops along with Wooden Finish

Applying simple yet classy wooden cabinets to complement the wooden floor and wooden ceiling frames, this kitchen is seems modest yet luxurious. The matte black marble tops add definite volume to the whole room, downplaying the whole wooden look for some balance. Since the room is well-lit due to the wide windows, this room also require minimum lighting. Separating the stove from the island counter provides more working space, although the kitchen is wide enough. The counters resemble a U shape, and provides ample space to house more patrons. This is one kitchen that many would love to use.

9- Efficient Space and Dark Cabinets
Efficient Wider Spaces

modern kitchen design ideas rely on simple positioning that utilizes available spaces efficiently, much like the kitchen here. The dark cabinets line up the room nicely against the earth-toned wall tiles, along with the grayish ground marble kitchen tops. The metallic appliances fit in nicely with the whole arrangement. The stove is stationed on the slightly elevated island counter that makes cooking around your patrons much more convenient. The cream colored wooden floor adds gorgeous lighting to the whole set, finishing the modern and stylish look. The kitchen seems to be near a gathering area, so the ventilation is a great addition.

10- Bright Marble Tops with Soft Wooden Cabinets
Curved Finishing

Another gorgeous modern kitchen design that is well lit. Bright colors are always a good choice for modern looks to your kitchen. The bright marble tops match the soft wooden cabinets nicely. Two separated sinks allow one to be cleaning and the other strictly for washing. Placing the stove against one side of the wall is more efficient in cooking. The island cabinet is also elevated at one side, probably for dining with ease. This design might become cluttered once the surfaces are filled by appliances and culinary equipment, but the pearl white floor really widens the room, so with proper sorting you can easily maneuver your way through the kitchen.

11- Cozy and Warm Atmosphere
Exquisite Design With Harmony

now this is a kitchen that would moonlight perfectly as a housewife’s office. The working area is optimized by the relatively wide kitchen. The main appliances; the stove, oven and sink are stationed strategically around the island counter, so working from the island counter always keep them within your reach. On a whole, the cozy and warm atmosphere of the kitchen is provided by the simple yet brilliant blend of colors. From the beige-ish caramel floor to the matte black cabinets and dark maple wooden cabinets, all these play a role in creating the perfect heart of the house. The design also doubles as a pantry layout suggestion due to the simple setting.

12- Stone Walls with Wooden Floor
Stone and Wood- A Good Mix

This kitchen has granite stone wall designs, the metal counter tops fit perfectly. Most modern kitchen design ideas are dependent on bright colors and themes, but this once thrives despite deploying the opposite. The lush maple wood finishing of the cabinets do not falter the modern look of the metal tops, but instead go surprisingly well with the shiny wooden tone of the kitchen floor. The island cabinet has a built-in oven installed, so using it as a dining area might not be possible. This kitchen is rather crowded but still comfortable nevertheless. Plus cleaning and maintaining would not be a bother with those metal counter tops.

13- Meant for Young Couples
Metallic Look

Another modern kitchen that blends the bright and dark colors for a stylish look. The floor and walls are generally bright and add space to the whole room. The white marble counter tops stand out nicely against the black double-doored cabinets. The island counter is slightly undersized, so using it as a dining area is better, even though the working space is not necessarily compromised. The island counter may be able to seat more, but it looks so very cozy as is. This whole design is highly recommended for young couples who may spend a lot of time in the kitchen throughout their days.

14- Matching Walls and Counters
Matching Counter and Wallpaper

An elegant design for the suburbs, this kitchen’s main focus is on the marble counter tops and wall that follow the same motif. The wide island counter allows for ample working space, and the different sinks make functions go more smoothly with different stations catering to different tasks. The modern look is achieved through the perfect blend between wooden furniture against the metal appliances around them. The generally spacious kitchen allows for better storage, and avoids from being cluttered. One thing that you might disagree with is the striking pattern of the walls and marble tops that may scream for attention in a way.

15- Large Island Counter and Dining
American Style Design

Here we have a wide and spacious kitchen that relies heavily on brightly colored cabinets and counters. The bright walls and marble tops allude to the wooden floor and overhead cabinets. The overhead lighting and extended lamp above the island counter really lights up the whole room. The island cabinet is rather large though, so large it might as well be the dining table. The lenghty cabinets allow for many items to be placed on top, and the distance between cabinets and island counter maximizes walking-around space, so patrons should have no problem getting from one corner to the other.