Kim vs. Kylie: Rocking The Same Looks

Scroll through Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account and you will be just as amazed as we were how many pics look strikingly similar to her older sis Kim Kardashian. Which got us to thinking, maybe they look so similar because that should really be twins! Despite the age difference, these two look so similar it is uncanny.

Seriously, though. We’re curious to know who is copying whom and who wears it better? Their outfits may not be exactly the same, but they are so close that we called it and put them up for comparison.

Where do you weigh in?

39. Black Bandeau



Source: Elle

Black is a slimming color and a black skirt with a matching bandeau top is a striking combination, but who wears it better? Our vote is on Kim for rocking this outfit well.

38.Black Satin Dress


Source: Elle

Kylie wins this one, easy. Her dress gives her a classic elegance. The subtle plunging neckline doesn’t feel like it could slip at any moment and we like the 3/4 sleeve of her dress better than pairing the dress with the more structured addition of a blazer.

37. Denim, Denim, Denim


Source: Elle

We’ll give this one to Kim. The tucked shirt and rolled sleeves give her look a level of casual that feels effortless and great for running around. Nice try, little sis.


36. Black Sunglasses


Source: Elle

Black, black, and more black! The youngest Jenner gets this one for her stunning shades and killer leather jacket paired with a chunky sweater.

35. Sheer Lace


Source: Hollywood Life

Sorry, Kim. We have to give this one to Kylie. It looks like someone put some undergarments on you, stuffed you into a body-sized mesh produce bag, and pushed you out in front of the cameras.

34. Destroyed Denim


Source: Elle

We prefer the more classic look of black boots with some blown out knees over the sheer destruction of Kim’s pants on the left. Many zippers perished in the making of those pants.