Kentucky Kayak Trip Turns Into Treasure Hunt

Over the course of human history, war, mass migrations, and technological advances have created countless historical artifacts. These remnants of our past have ended up in secret resting places, covered by nature, becoming secret treasures of history waiting to be rediscovered.


Imagine being transformed from a person on a friendly excursion with your friends to an explorer who has just discovered a priceless artifact with an extensive and interesting past. Exactly that has happened to this group of kayakers who came upon something extraordinary while cruising on the Ohio River.

Click through to find out what they discovered and how much of an impact their discovery had on our history.



12. Just An Average Day On The Ohio River

Imagine being on a kayak trip with your friends. The sounds of nature provide a distinct surround sound of birds and other woodland creatures making their presence known. All of a sudden, a ghost ship appears out of nowhere. Would you paddle up to get a closer look? These friends did just that.

11. Discovery Of An Abandoned Ship

As they paddled up, they got a better look at the ship. It had obviously seen some interesting events in its lifetime. They got even closer and decided to climb on board. They had no idea they were about to become a big part of the abandoned ship’s history.

10. Left And Forgotten

The ship had been tied up and sitting in the same spot for an unknown period of time, but it was clear that it had been forgotten. The group paddled around the vessel searching for a safe entry point to get a better look. Curiosity got the best of them and they climbed inside to explore the vessel a little closer.

9. All Aboard!

The kayakers had to paddle onto the riverbank in order to access the ship that had been completely taken over by vegetation. The owner had obviously wanted to keep the ship hidden, but did not hide it well enough. The group dove into the ship’s long and unique history starting on slide #8.

8. Over One Hundred Years Old

After some research, the kayakers found the vessel’s origins. The ship was built back in Wilmington, Delaware in 1902 by Pusey and Jones. It originally served as a luxury yacht used to transport rich and well-to-do seafarers. The ship’s first name was the Celt, and it changed by the time World War I broke out as you’ll see in slide #7.