Kayakers Found An Abandoned Ghost Ship With An Eerie, Star-Studded History

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In a country with hundreds of years of history like the USA, you never know what secrets and mysteries are hiding around each and every corner, just waiting to be uncovered. We could be walking or driving down the street and be only steps away from a mystery waiting to be discovered. We could miss it entirely, or find something amazing that changes our lives.

That is exactly what happened to some kayakers on a routine kayaking ride. They discovered a century-old ghost ship with a haunting history that will send chills down your spine. Continue reading to learn more about the find and the freaky story behind it!

#12 First Glimpse

001--12-first-glimpse-582110These Kayakers Found a Century-Old Ghost Ship: Its History Will Haunt You

A few kayakers were taking a little ride through the Ohio River and like anyone on an adventure, they had their eyes open for something cool. As soon as they passed through some trees on the river, it looked as if they had found what they were looking for — a giant abandoned ship.

#11 Getting Closer


A video of the discovery was uploaded to Youtube in July of 2012 by a user named TheGh0st81. The video showed the first sight of the ship, the group’s approach, and everything that followed once they laid eyes this freaky derelict ship just 25 minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

#10 Quite the Journey


A few of the kayakers had heard of this ship and all the stories behind it. Of course, with their adventurous minds racing, they knew the wanted to get closer. But to do this, they had to take quite the journey that included a hike and a trip further down the river. But they were up for it.

#9 Well Worth The Trip


Despite the long and sometimes tough trek to get to the ship, it was immediately worth it as they began to get closer and closer to this historical wonder. For the group, it was like taking a step into a time machine, back to when this ship would have been active. It was abandoned and quiet, looking like it belonged in a horror film.