Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All – Proof You Haven’t

Ugh! Just when you thought you had seen all of the most shocking and surprising images on the internet, along comes another jaw-dropping selection that will make you ask WTF?

This list has everything ranging from photos that will make you laugh to some nightmare photos that will make you cringe. I’m talking about photos that will make your skin crawl the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and have you checking under your bed tonight. You know… just in case. Most of all you will be left thinking, just how funny, weird and downright bizarre people are and just what are they going to get up to next.

12. Bug Zilla is going to get you

When you look at this picture don’t ask why the creative genius behind the sculpture used cicada skins to build it. Instead, you should be asking yourself where on earth did they get all of those skins in the first place and what happened to the cicadas who used to be inside them.

11. Lava’s just not dangerous enough

As if volcanoes aren’t dangerous enough. Molten lava is thrown into the air, countless rock and ice particles and a choking amount of ash are included in their weaponry and now you have to worry about ‘dirty thunderstorms’.

These happen when ice and rocks in the plume collide, produce static and boom – you have a volcano spewing lightning into the air.

10. Crocodiles are taking over

Crocodiles have already ruined waterways across the world by turning them into no-go areas for paddlers and swimmers. Now they are trying to take over golf courses too. Nobody is going to tell this guy he is out of bounds.

If you think this one is terrifying wait until you see number 11.

9. Imagine this under your bed

Most cases of arachnophobia are baseless. That little black tuft with the tiny legs that ran up your wall is not going to hurt you but you would be forgiven for running in the opposite direction of this eight-legged nightmare.

Just think what it would be like to open your eyes in the morning and see a spider like that on the ceiling above your face.

8. Don’t blow on this mouthpiece

Men’s urinals are usually bland white scoops in the wall that nobody thinks twice about. So the time was obviously right for a designer with an imagination to take a look and come up with something new.

You may be wondering, though, just what kind of person wants to pee into a French horn?