‘Jumanji’ Remake Is Coming, But What Happened To The Original Cast?



Are you as excited about Hollywood remaking “Jumanji?” Feels like only yesterday that we were watching lions jump out of the board game and a jungle taking over the living room. Hard to image that one of our favorite childhood movies is already 20 years old. In an age of remakes and reboots where nothing from our childhood is sacred, a new version of the classic film was inevitable whether we like it or not.

The new reimagined “Jumanji” will star Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson and Nick Jonas. It’s a pretty star-studded cast, leaving us to wonder what the original cast has been up to all these years. Click through for a quick touchbase on where these actors are at 20 years after the original “Jumanji” hit theaters!

#12 Patricia Clarkson (Carol-Anne Parrish)


Patricia Clarkson had a small role in “Jumanji” playing Carol-Anne, Alan’s mom. She was a well-known actress at the time and had roles in films such as “The Dead Pool” and “The Untouchables.” After her small part in “Jumanji” she went on to star in movies like “The Green Mile” and “Far From Heaven.” She has also appeared in several TV shows such as “Broad City” and “American Dad.” She most recently had a role in the popular “Maze Runner” movies.

#11 Adam Hann-Byrd (Young Alan)


Adam Hann-Byrd is most recognized for his role in “Jumanji” as Alan Parrish, a young boy sucked into the game (played as an adult by Robin Williams). He has had roles since then in “Little Man Tate” and “Halloween H2O.” He took a break from acting and in 2004 he graduated from Wesleyan University. He earned degrees in psychology and film studies. He has more recently worked on the TV shows “The Morning After” and “Fringe” as a writer.

#10 Robin Williams (Alan Parrish)


Robin Williams played the role of a man trapped in Jumanji for twenty-six years. He has starred in many amazing movies before and after “Jumanji,” but his role as Alan Parrish will always be a fan-favorite. Robin Williams passed away on August 11, 2014, at 63 years old. If you had to pick your favorite Robin Williams movie, what would it be?

#9 Bebe Neuwirth (Nora Shepherd)


Bebe Neuwirth played Nora Shepard who was Peter and Judy Shepard’s aunt and legal guardian. Before “Jumanji” she worked with the Princeton Ballet Company and was also on broadway. She performed in “A Chorus Line” and “Damn Yankees.” After “Jumanji” she returned to Broadway and had roles in “Chicago” and “The Adams Family.” More recently you would have seen her in TV shows like “The Good Wife,” “Madam Secretary” and “Blue Bloods.”