This Jaguar Was Found Paralyzed – The Reason Shocked Vets

featured-imageThe jaguar is the animal that everyone most associates with South America. It’s a powerful cat which was the subject of worship by many of the original indigenous people of the continent.


Sadly, as man has encroached on the natural world, the jaguar has come dangerously close to becoming an endangered animal.

So this heart-breaking story, of a jaguar which was brought to the vet in a terrible state and in desperate need for treatment, might have had a terribly unhappy ending for us all. However, what actually happened is amazing and a testament to the power of both people and animals.

12- The Foundling

001-the-foundling-1059234The San Francisco de Quito University has a veterinarian service. The Ecuador-based facility is used to dealing with strange walk-ins, but in October 2016, they received a call that explained there was an abandoned baby jaguar. The cub’s mother was nowhere to be found. What had happened to them?

11- The First Rescue

002-the-first-rescue-1059238The person who had called the university had been courageous enough to try and collect the cub for examination but hadn’t been successful. So the university dispatched their own people to see what was happening and to rescue the baby jaguar. They found the cub and had to make an important decision.

10- The University

003-the-university-107b89224b2e172ae713243f6305306fThe veterinarian unit of the university is a world leader in rescuing animals and then treating them until they can be released into their natural habitat. Over the years they have helped thousands of wild animals and nursed them back to proper health before enabling them to rejoin their own communities.

9- A Decision Made

004-a-decision-made-a65f8ef3b7ad3e9d6c2c91c61e82b2e2The veterinarians who found the baby jaguar decided that she should be brought into the university for treatment as there was something very obviously wrong with the animal though nobody knew quite what the problem was. When she arrived it was possible for the vets to examine her more closely and what they found was shocking.