Islamabad Tea Seller Became A Model After This Photo Went Viral

A Helping Hand

006-a-helping-hand-710016In fact, Arshad Khan thought he was in trouble! He still didn’t know that he’d become a superstar until his friends finally clued him in. Fortunately, Jiah Ali – the photographer – was on hand to help him update people on social media about his life. She explained that he was both confused and overwhelmed by the attention.

Fitin Steps Up To The Plate

007-fitin-steps-up-to-the-plate-710053Then the Pakistani clothes company, Fitin, stepped up to the plate and offered Arshad his first modeling contract. He made his debut under the caption “Chai wala is no more chai wala, now he is fashion wala,” on the company’s website. Arshad now realized he had to step up his game too.

The Management Arrive

008-the-management-arrive-003ed65026f33114f1268cbcae9c2105So Arshad Khan, once a humble tea seller, hired a management team. Their job was to take care of him and help him with his newfound status. One of the first things that they did was get him started on social media as well as enrolling him for English language lessons.

Good Morning Pakistan!

009-good-morning-pakistan-a1810f30b56da7604a914e12e982c037His next appearance was on “Good Morning Pakistan” the popular Pakistani breakfast show where he was introduced to the nation and was given the chance to explain how to make the perfect cup of tea. Then he was offered a makeover – let’s see how that turned out shall we?

Goodbye Chai Wala

010-goodbye-chai-wala-e0f0e427fecb1c0a1fc3c6cb256d29a3The outcome of the makeover was incredible; all the traces of his humble chai wala background were gone and in their place was a young man who looked suave and cool in a suit. He also modeled a traditional Pakistani outfit during the makeover and looked completely at home in it.