Inspired Artist Leaves Dress In Dead Sea for 2 Years: What She Pulled Out? Spectacular!

FeaturedDressThe Dead Sea is a sea off the border of Isreal that is known for having the lowest elevation on Earth. This alone makes it incredible, but there are many other aspects of the sea that make it truly unique. The buoyancy of the Dead Sea allows pretty much anyone to be able to float. There are also many products from the ground around the sea and the water itself that make this a destination spot for many looking for natural health supplements. But one artist saw a more creative purpose for the sea. Click through to see the amazing thing she decided to use the water’s mysterious properties for.

#18 The Salt Bride Was Inspiration

001--18-the-salt-bride-was-inspiration-315169One artist used the book “The Salt Bride” as an inspiration to create her piece. The story is about a woman who becomes possessed by the ghost of her dead lover. See what item she decided to use in order to create her inspirational and quite stunning piece of art!

#17 She Wanted To Recreate The Dress

002--17-she-wanted-to-recreate-the-dress--315188The artist wanted to recreate the dress from the story. She decided to do this by submerging the dress in The Dead Sea. She found the perfect dress to do the job, too. The style and color of the dress are the perfect design in order to be an amazingly beautiful representation of the way the woman in the story looks.

#16 So She Embarked On A Journey

003--16-so-she-embarked-on-a-journey-315218The artist knew that in order to achieve the look that she wanted, it would be a long time and be a tireless process. She still decided to go through with it and submerged the dress into the water. It wouldn’t just be a quick thing, however, she planned to keep it submerged for two years!

#15 Progress Check Every Three Months

004--15-progress-check-every-three-months-315241She decided to make a progress check on the dress every three months until she achieved the desired look to honor one of her favorite characters. With just the first visit after a few months, incredible results already awaited her! The dress has begun the crystallization process and already has an eerie look to it!

#14 The Dress Became Ghostly

005--14-the-dress-became-ghostly-315264After just a few more months, the dress has started to take on a rather ghostly look! It is truly very eerie just how this dress went from being plain black to having such a ghastly glow to it! But this isn’t the end of the journey of the dress. Click through to see an even bigger transformation!