These Insane Japanese Products Are Actually Kind Of Useful

Move over, Sharper Image! Japan is, and always has been, a leader in inventing things the rest of the world just doesn’t think about. They have the imagination and the know-how to create products that are not only practical and helpful, they’re also eye-catching and cute! Whether it is an ear exploration kit, a pair of heels with attached umbrellas, or a toothbrush finger condom, they know how to make stuff that the rest of us need to have.

Follow along to take a look at some of the strangest, most unique Japanese products out there. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you never knew existed but can’t live without.


14. Portable Crosswalk


Crossing the road can be tricky, especially without a crosswalk. I mean, who knows if the cars are actually going to stop? However, now that the portable crosswalk exists, your hesitation in crossing streets is over. Simply lay out the crosswalk where ever you’d like to cross and, voila, the traffic stops and you can continue to your destination.