Incredibly Odd Inventions That History Forgot

The development of technology has been the single driver that has made the human race what it is today. Without computing, antibiotics and a million other clever inventions, we’d be living in a dark age.

We owe a tremendous debt to the men and women who have created these spectacular advances for mankind. This article is not about those people.

It’s about the also-rans. The people who invented things so completely ridiculous that in retrospect, all we can ask is “why?” You’ll enjoy these inventions and at the same time, you’ll be glad that they’re not what we rely on in real life. Be sure to check out slide number 5 for something really strange.

10. The In Car Coffee Maker

There are a lot of good reasons that we don’t generally hold a kettle over our lap when we make coffee. There are even better reasons that we don’t do this while we’re driving. This may have seemed like a good idea but it was, in fact, a recipe for third-degree burns.