Iconic TV And Movie Couples That Hate Each Other IRL

5. An Officer And A Gentleman: Debra Winger And Richard Gere

Many of the pair’s co-stars including Louis Gossett Jr. have expressed the noticeable static between the two leads. Debra reportedly describes working with Richard as being like talking to a brick wall. Winger was also known to have problems with the director and described him as an animal. 

4. Some Like It Hot: Tony Curtis And Marilyn Monroe

Curtis reported that Monroe was very scatterbrained and all over the place during the shoot. He also said that kissing her was like kissing Hitler, though context suggests he was just joking. It’s important to remember that Curtis and Monroe had previously dated and there’s nothing worse than working with an ex. The good news is that neither tried to get the other one fired. The same sadly cannot be said for the pair at number 3.

3. One Tree Hill: Chad Michael Murray And Sophia Bush

Sophia and Chad dated and were briefly married when One Tree Hill began. However, the two quickly divorced after it was rumored that Sophia discovered that Chad had cheated on her with, of all people, an extra from One Tree Hill. While their characters remained friends on the show well after they ended their romantic relationship, the same cannot be said for the two in real life.

2. Castle: Nathan Fillion And Stana Katic

This classic “will they or won’t they” pairing kept fans on the edge of their seat, but in real life, it was anything but paradise. While the two remain professional in the public eye, there are many reports that they simply did not get along with one another to the point of Stana exiting the show due to the tension between them.

1. Anger Management: Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair

The two play rival therapists turned lovers on the show, but in real life there was a tremendous amount of tension between them. Selma often voiced her opinion on Charlie’s lack of professionalism and lackluster work ethic. It’s rumored that this is what led to her eventually being fired from the show and that she found out about her firing via a text message from Charlie.