A Husky Dog Raises A Starving Kitten: This Is So Heart-Warming

This is an incredible story of two animals that shouldn’t have been friends but somehow bonded so closely that they became family.

It began, however, with a sad tale. A group of sisters walking one evening found themselves confronted with a kitten. It had been abandoned. It had no home and no-one to care for it. It was weak and hungry.

The sisters didn’t know what to do but they knew if they didn’t do something that the little kitten would die. So, they decided to roll the dice and see if nature could be as kind as it had been cruel. You won’t believe what happened.


10. Sick Kitty

The three sisters were Thoa, Thi and Tram Bui and they lived in San Jose, California. It was in 2015 that they came across the lost and helpless kitten. She was only 3 weeks old at that time. While she seemed to be OK to begin with, her health rapidly began to decline.

9. No Food Please

As with many young animals, the kitten had not yet been weaned and that meant that whenever the sisters tried to feed it, it refused to eat. This, of course, led to the kitten becoming weaker and weaker and soon it became clear that she would die if something didn’t change.

8. Looking For Help

The three sisters didn’t want the kitten to die but they were uncertain as to what the best move to save her life could be. In the end, they realized that they had no real option but to place the care of the kitten into another’s hands. Well, paws to be precise.

7. Enter Lilo

This is Lilo. She’s a husky dog. She is, in fact, one of three Siberian Huskies which belong to the sisters. She is, however, the pack leader and the other two dogs, Infinity and Miko, defer to her. That meant that if one of the dogs was to care for the kitten, it had to be Lilo.

6. Maternal Instincts?

The sisters were worried that Lilo would have no maternal instincts. She had no litter of puppies at that point in time and in fact, she’d been spayed in the last week. Was it possible that Lilo would want to care for the kitten or was this a false hope?