Husband/Wife Get Divorced So Their SHARED Mistress Stops Getting Jealous

Finding a soulmate is what many people dream of. The all-American dream involves marrying the one you love, having some children, and living in a house with a white picket fence. Although this may still ring true for some, times have definitely changed.

Love and relationships don’t really fit into a box in 2017. Some couples are ditching society’s ideas of what a loving relationship should be and are paving their own way to harmonious happiness.

Married couple Cristina and Benno are getting a divorce, but they aren’t breaking up. They are doing it to please their girlfriend Sierra, and slide #2 reveals the shocking truth behind this polyamorous relationship!

10. Relationships Have Completely Evolved In 2017


Although many aspire to find and marry their one, true soulmate, some people are taking a different perspective on what a healthy, loving relationship can be. One married couple realized that not all relationships are created equal, and they decided to make a change. Slide #7 reveals not everything works for everyone when it comes to love!