Husband/Wife Get Divorced So Their SHARED Mistress Stops Getting Jealous

Finding a soulmate is what many people dream of. The all-American dream involves marrying the one you love, having some children, and living in a house with a white picket fence. Although this may still ring true for some, times have definitely changed.

Love and relationships don’t really fit into a box in 2017. Some couples are ditching society’s ideas of what a loving relationship should be and are paving their own way to harmonious happiness.

Married couple Cristina and Benno are getting a divorce, but they aren’t breaking up. They are doing it to please their girlfriend Sierra, and slide #2 reveals the shocking truth behind this polyamorous relationship!

10. Relationships Have Completely Evolved In 2017


Although many aspire to find and marry their one, true soulmate, some people are taking a different perspective on what a healthy, loving relationship can be. One married couple realized that not all relationships are created equal, and they decided to make a change. Slide #7 reveals not everything works for everyone when it comes to love!

9. Cristina And Benno Were Never The Normal Married Couple By Societal Standards

The couple had been married for over ten years and have three beautiful children. They weren’t unhappy with each other and they were still very much in love, but Cristina stated that something wasn’t quite right about their marriage. The couple planned to fix it by finding their missing piece.

8. Monogamy Wasn’t What Cristina Was Looking For

Although most couples find comfort in being with their partner solely for life, Benno and Cristina don’t fit into that mold. Cristina is bisexual, and she needed to satisfy her attraction to both sexes. The couple was on a quest to find their third partner, but it wasn’t so easy finding the perfect match. Slide #2 proves it was well worth the wait!

7. The Couple Found Their Match At A Local Mall

Cristina and Benno met Sierra at an exotic pet store where she worked, and the three hit it off right away. Things began to get serious and Sierra moved into the couple’s home. Not wanting to exclude Sierra from the closeness of their relationship, the couple decided to make one more major change.

6. The Couple Filed For Divorce For Their New Lady

Cristina and Benno didn’t want newcomer Sierra to feel jealous or left out due to their vows, so they decided to get a divorce to keep everyone in the family happy. The next slide shows how Sierra really feels in this unique, polyamorous relationship, and you won’t believe her shocking response!